LIFA air LM99 High Performance Personal Mask

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Say goodbye to uncomfortable and leaking personal masks and ensure that you have a well fitting, high performing face mask when moving around a polluted area.Mask

LIFA air LM99 high performance personal mask removes over 98% of dangerous contaminants and has a high filtering capacity.

Multi-layer air filter

The mask consists of four different layers - each having their own important role to play:

  • Pre-filter layer captures dust and bigger particles, thus extending the filter life
  • Pre-charged electret layer - collects bacteria, microbes and fine particles
  • Melt-blown filter layer - catches PM2.5 and even smaller particles effectively
  • Anti-bacterial layer prevents microbial growth inside the mask
Face mask

    The mask has a special supportive structure which allows firm fit without pressing on your face. The mask is comfortable to wear and won't fog your glasses like many lower quality masks do when they don't fit well.

    Personal mask