*About LIFAair


  • Where does LIFAair Brand come from?

A: LIFAair is a Finnish industrial air purifier brand established in 1988, specializing in indoor air purification with World’s leading air purifying technology. 


  • Where are LA series products made in?

A: In order to expand its activities in China and Asian Pacific market, LIFAair established a joint venture in China in 2015. The product, designed based on LIFAair’s technology, is manufactured in its joint venture factory. 


  • What kind of certificates do LA series products have?
    Which institute(s) issued those certificates?

A: Yes, the testing was carried out by China Testing & Inspection Institute for Household Electric Appliances, a domestic third-party certification body specializing in household appliances. Our products totally meet the new national standards. Key indicators such as cumulate clean mass (CCM) and energy efficiency class far exceed the requirements of the new national standards.


*About products features and users guide

  • What does the standard packing of the LA series products include?

A: Including a LA333 purifier unit (including 1 HEPA filter, 4 activated carbon plates), a LAM05 monitor, one power supplies, one cord, charging cable, user manual, warranty card.


  • What is the noise level of the LA352C / LA333 product?

A: 33-66 dBA


  • What is the size of the LA352C / LA333 product? What is the product weight?

A: LA352C: Dimensions: 250 x 505mm, Gross weight: 11.42kg. Packing size is 758 x 328 x 330mm.     LA333: Dimensions: 250 x 505mm, Gross weight: 11.42kg. Packing size is 728 x 328 x 345mm.


  • What is the CADR value of LA352 / LA333? How large is the purification area?

A: The CADR value of the particles is 330m³/h, and the CADR value of formaldehyde is 140m³/h, Purification area – 23-39m².


  • What is the consume power for LA352C / LA333?

A: 45W, Standby <1


  • What is the unit’s HEPA rating? What is the weight of the carbon cylinder?

A: Air Purifier is using H12 level of HEPA filter; 4 activated carbon plates filled with ~1kg of the carbon cylinder.


  • Will it generate ozone?

A: It adopts Activated carbon + HEPA cartridge dual physical filtration technology. It does not generate ozone.


  • What is the purification effect of LA352 / LA333?

A: In the 30m3 test chamber, the purification rate of PM2.5 is 99.99% after purification for 30 minutes. The removal rate of formaldehyde is also very strong. It can be quickly removed to 91% in 30 minutes and 98.75% in 3 hours.


  • Will the unit filter carbon dioxide?

A: No. None of the indoor air purifier can “purify” CO2. However, LA series can monitor CO2. When indoor carbon dioxide level exceeds 2000ppm, it is recommended to open your windows for a few minutes. After the CO2 level drops below 1000ppm, you may then close the windows and continue to purify the air.


  • As the CADR value of the purifier is measured at maximum air flow, is it true that when I turn down the blowing power, it will not yield the same effect?

A: You are right. The CADR value marked is measured at maximum air flow (All air purifiers mark their maximum values). When you reduce the air flow, the CADR value will come down accordingly. This is true for any brand. While the air purifier purifies indoor air continuously, if the indoor air quality is poor, the unit will surely run at maximum air flow mode. The unit will naturally slow down after it restores the quality of the indoor air.


  • Since I can’t leave it on at maximum setting in the bedroom overnight, will the effectiveness of formaldehyde filtration decrease?

A: The sleep mode will adjust down the fan speed to lower the noise and ensure the quality of your sleep. The purifier may slightly decrease the effectiveness of formaldehyde filtration at low speed but will not stop removing it. In case the indoor formaldehyde density is too high, you may manually adjust it on the monitor to an appropriate speed as long as it does not affect your sleep. (Please note that if the monitor setting is on smart mode, hand touching the touch ring on the main unit does change the fan speed but will only keep it for 15 minutes before it is switched back to smart speed. If you would like to continue using the hand adjusted speed, adjust it through the monitor or Cell phone APP)


  • If I use the purifier with the windows open, will it still remove the formaldehyde?

A: We don’t recommend you to use the purifier when you have your windows open, because there is no formaldehyde in ambient air. After you open the windows, the outdoor air will flow in and dilute the indoor formaldehyde density. It’s just like that you will not leave the windows open with the AC on in the summer. If you keep the purifier on with the windows open, other than the poor purification effect, it will also result in waste of energy and filter cartridges. Especially when the outdoor PM2.5 index exceeds 80, you should keep the windows closed or you get nothing but polluted air, unless the indoor CO2 density gets too high.


  • Can carbon cylinder be recycled? Can I reuse it after having it exposed under sunlight for a while?

A: Activated carbon removes formaldehyde through adsorption. The adsorbed formaldehyde will not diffuse after being exposed to the scorching sun. Therefore, it is not recyclable through this method.


  • The area of the house is more than 35-51 square meters. If choose lifaair, how many unit do I need to buy? two?

A: The purification is through the forced chamber air flow to purify the air, because the air flow between the room and the room is very little, the best condition is to use one in a room. The suggestion of the use of the surface area is a single area, and is the standard height; if you have an area that is over 54㎡, and the ceiling is over 3 meters, then one unit it is not enough.


  • How do you know if the air is really cleaned?

A: When the purifier is automatically turned off, it indicates that the air is truly clean. Users can also choose to use the national air standards or the more stringent U.S. standards. LIFAair series products are all equipped with a unique air quality monitoring controller.


  • Can it detect TVOC content? Can it remove the smell of smoke and the smell of the bathroom?

A: Only LA310 can detect TVOC.  Our purifier is equipped with the special formula of Anti-acid activated carbon, not only can remove formaldehyde, but also can be removed from most of these decoration pollutants, but also can be removed by passing some odor, such as most of the smoke smell, sewer odor and so On.


  • What is the main purpose of monitoring CO2?

A: While PM2.5 and formaldehyde do “chronic” harm to human health, the effect of CO2 could be more “acute”, leading to death or permanent brain damage! It’s more important to growing children as they need more oxygen to help their metabolic process and healthy development of the brain. The CO2 sensor in the monitoring device will also detect whether the windows are open and if there are indoor activities. Because the CO2 density will increase when you have people indoor with windows closed, the monitor will detect poor air quality and instruct the controller to activate the main unit. If it detects that you have opened the windows, commands will be sent to gradually stop the purifier to preserve the useful life of the filters and save energy.


  • If I stock up filtration cartridges for a couple of years, will it expire by then?

A: As long as you don’t open the seal, it will not expire.


  • What is the purification technology?

A: It adopts Activated carbon + HEPA cartridge dual physical filtration technology.


  • How long does the purifier need to remove the smell of renovation?

A: It depends on the smell and how big the room is.

If using the manual strong mode, the smell is basically not smelled after generally in 30 minutes.

For 31-54 m² indoor space, purification for 30 minutes, the removal rate of PM2.5 reached 99.99%, the removal rate of formaldehyde is very strong, 30 minutes can be quickly removed to 91% or more, purification 3 hours can reach 98.75%.


  • I just have my house remodeled. Why the formaldehyde reading on the monitor remains 0?

A: If you use only environmental friendly materials in remolding, the formaldehyde density could be way below the detecting threshold. Also, if you performed “formaldehyde zeroing” on the sensor inside of the house by accident, the reading could be lower than it should be. Following the instructions in the user’s manual, when outdoor air quality is good and temperature is above 0oC, leave the monitoring device outdoors for at least 10 minutes. Then, redo the sensor zeroing setting to recover the measuring accuracy.


  • Why does the purifier show the air quality is good when it’s running, but as soon as I turn it off, the PM2.5 reading jumps up to one or two hundreds right away?

A: You may have left the monitoring device next to the purifier’s main unit. In that case, the purifier will clean the air around the unit to a good level quickly but the air in the rest of the room hasn’t been purified yet. When you turn off the main unit, the polluted air will immediately flow into the cleaned area and cause excessive reading. LIFAair uses laser particle sensor that are extremely responsive to the changes of PM2.5 in the air. Meanwhile, we recommend not leaving the monitor near the main unit. Keep it in the same room, away from the purifier, and in a place where you have most of your activities to ensure that the entire room is truly purified.


  • Why can’t I close the purifier base tight?

A: It wasn’t screwed in place. Make sure that you place the filtration cartridges in place. Align the “Open” mark on the base cover and turn it clockwise all the way till it reaches the “Close” mark and makes a “click” sound.


  • The main unit’s touch control stopped working:

A: 1. Check the settings in the monitoring device. Make sure that the “Main Unit Touch Control” function is not turned off. If so, turn it back on.

  1. If the problem is not solved by the above correction, disconnect the main unit from power

supply. Wait for 10 seconds and reconnect it to fix it.


*About filter

  • How often should the cartridge be replaced? How will I know when to replace it?

A: Usually, it depends on the environment you use it in. Our monitoring device has filter life smart display which can automatically calculate and display the percentage of remaining useful life in HEPA filtration cartridge and activated carbon drum. We recommend you to replace it when there is only 5% remaining life left. If the environment you are in does not have hazardous formaldehyde pollution, you may choose not to replace the activated carbon drum. However, the adsorption ability of activated carbon will be weakened over time. Its useful life is generally two years.


  • Is it necessary to replace all filter elements in the cartridge replacement at the same time?

A: According to the monitor's show, it is only necessary to replace the activated carbon barrel or replace the HEPA filter element separately. Of course, it is necessary to replace the two activated carbon barrels or two HEPA filter elements at a time to ensure the air cleaning effect.


  • How to replace the cartridge?

A: Disconnect the power supply at the bottom first. Turn the unit upside down (Reminder: in case your room is not carpeted, lay a thick towel or several pieces of cloth on the floor before you turn it upside down to avoid scratching the touch-sensitive ring). Unscrew the base. Find the folded handle on the carbon drum and take the two sets of filtration cartridges out. Replace with new cartridges and tighten the base. Turn it right side up and reconnect the power.


  • What brand of fan motor does the product use? Where is the origin?

A: The fan adopts an external rotor brushless DC motor specially made for LIFAair by a Japanese manufacturer, Nidec. Compared to standard AC motor, brushless DC motor has much higher energy efficiency with less noise.


  • How many layers of filter? What is the material for each layer?

A: The air purifier has a three-layer, which consists of pre-filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter. The filter cartridge can be replaced separately.


  • What is the material for the pre-filter?

A: The material of the primary filter mesh is a high-strength aviation aluminum alloy mesh, which does not need to be replaced; the material of the outer casing is SPCC cold-rolled carbon steel plate.


  • How to maintain the main unit? How to clean the pre-filter?

A: The main unit can be cleaned with a damp towel. Do not use any kind of organic solvent. The primary filtration cylinder can be cleaned outdoors with dry cloth. Do not use wet towel as our activated carbon drum is full of mesh holes. Wiping with wet towel may cause wet granular dirt clogging the holes. The best way to clean the primary filtration mesh holes is using a vacuum machine.


*About monitor


  • How to use the monitor?

A: The manufacturer has already paired your monitor with your main unit. It can be automatically connected to the main unit. In case they don’t pair (the LED on the main unit remains green) automatically, refer to the user’s manual and proceed to pair them manually. The user needs manually connect the monitor to the internet. When connected, the user can then use the cellular phone as a monitoring device to check and control the main unit remotely. The clock on the monitor will sync with network time and become the most accurate clock in the user’s house. In about 3 minutes after being turned on, a new monitor will start to display accurate indoor PM2.5 and CO2 information. For formaldehyde density information, it takes 24 hours of continuous running time to get accurate reading. The monitoring device will consume more power when you use it to control the purifier. It’s recommended to connect it to external power supply. The reason to have internal battery power is to facilitate users moving around to do comparison checks in the area with the monitor offline. It is not recommended to leave it on battery when connected to the main unit. When the monitor is connected online with the main unit, the battery life will be approximately 3-4 hours. The battery capacity in LA510 is doubled. Standby time is also extended.


  • How to pair the monitor with the main unit?

A: Press and hold the monitoring controller ON/OFF button to turn it on. Slide anticlockwise on the touch circle of purifier main unit to let the main unit blink green slowly, with one finger press and hold “。”  icon on the touch circle for over 5 seconds until the green light flashes rapidly. The main unit will then enter pairing mode for 30 seconds. Press and hold   R   on the controller, touch    â        to select purifier pairing, then  click   √   to confirm. Touch   à        to move selection box to   Yes  and press     √        to confirm, the monitoring controller and main unit will enter auto pairing mode. After the pairing is successful, the main unit indicator light will turn white, and the monitor will display Paired. If pairing is unsuccessful, please repeat the above steps.


  • How to connect the monitor to internet?

A: First, scan the QR code on Cell phone scan instruction to download and install “LIFA AIR” APP. Follow the APP prompt to configure and connect the monitor to the network. You may now use your Cell phone to remotely monitor and control the purifier.


  • Can the monitor be used offline?

A: Yes. A monitor has two functions: air quality surveillance and remote control. Among the 5 indexes it monitors, PM2.5, CO2, and formaldehyde densities can be detected in any location. The display screen will show the values of its current location. Temperature and humidity have to be measured with the purifier connected. It shows the values of the purifier’s location.  When used as a remote control, the working range is approximately 10 m. Please note that if you take the controller to another room to detect air quality while still connected with the main unit, it will direct the main unit based on the air quality of the room it is currently in.


  • Does the monitor save historical data?

A: The monitor can only display the air quality real-time. Any historical data will be saved in the cloud. It can be retrieved with an optimized APP in the future (not available on the current version APP).


  • How to make the monitor continuously display measured data for extended period of time?

A: To save power and protect the sensors, the monitor is pre-set on 1 minute screensaver. When the monitor is on external power supply, access the main page by touching the display screen. When it is not on external power supply, press the ON/OFF button on the side to start measuring. On the measuring main page, press the “Timing measurement” button in the upper right corner to keep the monitor running for 5 minutes without going dark.


  • Why the formaldehyde reading at the beginning is somewhat high?

A: The reason varies for the monitor to show higher formaldehyde reading when it’s just turned on. Sensors also need time to recover accurate readings. It usually takes 24 hours to go back to normal. Temperature and humidity differences may also lead to incorrect readings. Electrochemistry sensors are very sensitive. If its surface temperature and humidity is different from ambient environment, it will cause measuring errors. Allow the unit to run for a period of time and its surface to reach the ambient environmental temperature and humidity to have accurate readings.


  • Why is the PM2.5 reading on the monitor still high after switch on the main unit for a long time?

A: First of all, please check whether the doors and windows in the room are closed. Secondly, please confirm whether an ultrasonic humidifier is used, which will produce inhalable water droplets and the monitor PM2.5 reading is not accurate. Evaporative humidifiers are recommended if both a purifier and a humidifier are required. Of course, indoor smoking or cooking will be a significant increase in indoor PM2.5 reading.


  • How to accurately measure the PM2.5 reading at the air outlet?

A: The air inlet for the monitor’s PM2.5 sensor is located on upper left of the screen. To get an accurate measurement, lay the monitor flat on the air outlet of the purifier. The air inlet on LA510 model has been changed to bottom air intake.


  • How to tackle the abnormal reading issue on the monitor?

A: In the event of reading errors, after excluding the ambient environmental factors (such as indoor smoking, drinking, the use of ultrasonic humidifier, and cosmetics, etc.), you may perform a calibration to restore factory settings and zeroing sensors (Please note that you will have to manually perform pairing again after restoring to factory settings)


  • The monitor touch button does not respond. What should I do?

A: You can plug in the power first, then press and hold the On/Off button to try to reboot. If the screen still does not display, please contact us.


*About after sales


  • What if I receive a quality problem for the air purifier?

A: If you receive the quality problem for the unit, please contact us. We have strict inspection products factory, quality can be assured!


  • Can I have the invoice? Is it sent with the goods?

A: Invoice will be issue after you confirm your order.


  • Does LIFAair currently having any physical store?

A: Yes


  • LIFAair's official website is?

A: www.lifa-air.com 

FAQs about LIFAair Mask
1 What are the advantages of your mask? Our LM99 mask has the unique design of one-way exhaling valve reduces dramatically exhaling resistance and it doesn't cause fogging of glasses. Also, the design is follow the facial bone anatomy which fits to your face comfortably. In addition, the mask has an independent antibacterial layer to ensure the service life.
2 Will there be any odor problems like other brands? Hello, LIFAair's mask has been tested by the National Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and is safe for the human body. The mask materials are pre-filter layer, pre-charged electret layer, melt blown filter layer and anti-bacterial cloth. Normally the material itself will have a slight smell. If you are sensitive to the smell, it is recommended that you open the package, and place the mask in a clean and comfortable environment for a period of time, and you can use it with great ease. (You can open the package for about 30 minutes before using it)
3 What material is the mask? Hello, the filter layer is composed of four layers of non-woven fabric, which are: PP non-woven fabric, electrostatic filter cotton, melt-blown non-woven fabric, antibacterial cloth, the materials used are light, soft, antibacterial, and durable. 
4 How long can the mask be used?
The protective mask can be worn multiple times but can not be washed, when the environmental conditions for moderate pollution, you can accumulate to use it for 32 hours, if you will go out for about three hours daily then it can be used for 10 days or so. The mask can be used according to the different environment. You can easily calculate it for using the below table. Of course, if the surface of the mask is dirty or damaged, please change it in time!
5 Can the mask be washed? Hello, whether it is anti-virus or dust masks, any filter elements should not be washed, otherwise it will destroy the filter elements, and after washing will make dust-proof cloth gap becomes larger, dustproof effect will become bad, so it is not appropriate to wash it.
6 Can the masks prevent viruses? The mask can filter the diameter of 0.1 micron particulate matter, which can effectively filter the virus and prevent inhalation, but the mask has an exhalation valve and cannot filter out the virus that is exhaled.
7 Is there a user manual? how to use? Hello, the masks are each individually packaged, there is no manual inside, the package is printed with the wearing method and precautions. (1, unfolding the mask; 2, hanging behind the ears; 3, pulling the strap's to adjust; 4, loosen the upper strap; 5, adjust position until the mask fits comfortably).  
8 What do you mean by testing the test kit with a special mask before using it for the first time? Hello, if you suspect the mask purification effect during use, or want to see the purification efficiency of the mask more intuitively, you can purchase the mask test kit (mask tester + enamel meter) produced by LIFAair to test and understand the purification efficiency.
9 What is the standard for masks? Protection level ~ Class A (≥90%),Filtration efficency ~ Level II (≥95%)
10 Will there be an indentation when worn for a long time? The mask is adjustable, will be no obvious indentation.
11 Will the number of bacterial communities (CFU) exceed the standard? LIFAair's masks have been tested by the National Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The total bacterial community (CFU) is far less than the national standard. You can buy and use it with confidence, and it can fully protect your health.
12 What kind of material is for sealing cloth TPU+ Spandex, does it harmful to the human body? TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber, which is a highly reliable polymer material after removal of the external force and spandex is an elastic fiber. This material is harmless to the human body and is not recommended if it has a special allergic constitution.
13 What kind of material is PP non-woven? It is a general material of a fabric. With moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustion, non-toxic non-irritating, recyclable and other characteristics.
14 What kind of material is high-efficiency meltblown non-woven? High-efficiency meltblown nonwovens are also a high-tech fiber material that increases filtration efficiency.
15 Can children use it? Yes, we have Blue (LM95JB) & Pink (LM95JP) mask which is specially designed for Children. 
16 Is the mask only can use one time? It can be used multiple times, but after the recommended time limit is reached, it is recommended to change it with a new one.