LIFA air LAC90 & LAC100 Advanced Car Air Purifiers

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100 m3/h 12 m2 6 min
CADR rate Max area Time to purify

LAC90 and LAC100 series car air purifiers improve on the LAC50-series purifiers by adding an additional fan and a better filter improving both air cleaning rate and filtration area so the LAC90 and LAC100 series purifiers are suited for larger cars as well.

Smart controller maintains optimal air quality

Similar to the LAC50-series, the advanced car purifiers come with a smart controller built in with PM2.5 and CO2 sensors that monitor your car indoor air quality at all times. If the levels of CO2 or PM2.5 increase, the purifier turns on meaning you can enjoy clean air with optimal power consumption. The LAC90 and LAC100 offer the most sophisticated purifying & monitoring system to date.

Smart controller

Note: LAC90 includes only PM 2.5 sensor, LAC100 is equipped with both PM2.5 and CO2

Cleaner air and safer driving

LAC90 and LAC100 air purifiers will clean your indoor air within minutes due to the double fan enabled high CADR rate and eliminate odors, organic compounds and particle pollutants from your car indoor air. Cleaner air inside your car can also make you more alert as high CO2 levels of 2000ppm and above are associated with headaches, drowsiness and loss of attention.


Multiple cleaning layers for better filtration

The LAC90 & LAC100 air purifiers are built with a two-layer filtration system. The particle filter catches dust, allergens and PM2.5 particles while the second active carbon layer absorbs gaseous contaminants and odors. The HEPA H11 grade composite filter removes up to 99.9% of pollutants and does it within a few minutes.

Easy to install and easy to use

LIFA air LAC air purifiers are easy to install and use. The device is attached on the back of the driver's seat to not obstruct the view while driving. The purifier is powered through the car cigarette plug. The smart controller is also equipped with 2 USB ports so you can even charge your other smart devices while using the purifier.


    Easy installation on driver's seat
    Cleans car indoor air within minutes
    Intelligent control system
    Laser type PM2.5-sensor
    NDIR carbon dioxide sensor (with LAC52)
    High capacity HEPA H11-grade filter
    High efficiency:
    Particle CADR: 100 m³/h
    Formaldehyde CADR: 9 m³/h
    Sulfur dioxide CADR: 26 m³/h

    Effective area: 7-12 m2
    Size: L x W x H 410 x 190 x 75 mm
    Weight: 1.64kg
    Warranty: 1 year