LIFA Air LAS302 Smart Air Purifier + Sterilizer

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Introducing LIFAair’s first smart air purifier + sterilizer. It is an all-encompassing triple purification system designed for optimum indoor air quality to eliminate bacteria and viruses in enclosed spaces.

The LIFAair LAS302 Smart Air Purifier + Sterilizer is an efficient three-step cleaning system that begins with a pre-filter, as the air moves through to a plasma generator, then into our patented 3G filter to the fan and out into the room’s atmosphere.

Through the rotating fan blades, the machine pumps indoor air from the bottom inlet, filters it through the three filtration stations, and outputs clean sterilized air via the top of the LAS302 system.

This three-step filtration sterilizes and eliminates bacteria completely as the machine continuously circulates clean air that reduces bacteria, pollutants and viruses by 99.99%.