LIFA air LA503 Air Purifier

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540 m3/h 48 m2 20 min
CADR rate Max area Time to purify



Fast & efficient, high CADR rate


Silent in use, only 34-63dB

Safe around kids and pets Safe around kids and pets


LIFA air LA503 is an industrial grade air purifier for home and office use. It rids your indoor air of pollutants such as pet hair and allergens as well as small particles and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde. The design of the unit creates a 360° rotating air stream that efficiently cleans the air inside a room up to 54m2 (580sqft) in less than 18 minutes.

Energy efficient smart air purifier

LIFA air LA503 features a smart sensor that constantly monitors your indoor air quality. With the smart function enabled, the purifier will adjust the air flow based on the quality of the air. This means you will consume less electricity and the purifier filters will last longer in use.

You can also connect the device to your smartphone using the LIFA air Smartphone app.

LIFA air safe around kids and pets

Better around kids and pets

LA503 utilizes the patented design that is both kid and pet friendly. The built in fan is hidden inside the purifier and the purifier has no sharp corners or edges. The air purifier is also extremely silent in us ranging from 34 to 63 decibels depending on the power while in use.

Longer lasting purification

Instead of having to change the filters on a timed interval, LIFA air units monitor the actual pollutant levels and air flow to tell you when you should change your filter. On a normal basis, the HEPA filter will last 10-15 months and the carbon filter will require changing about every 20-30 months. Instead of asking you to unnecessarily change a fully functional filter, our device will actually tell you when it has processed enough contaminants and pollutants to warrant a change.

Bacteria Dust CO2 Smoke





Virus Pet hair PM2.5 PM0.3
Viruses Pet hair PM2.5 PM0.3


    Cleans air of allergens, particle pollutants and gaseous compounds
    Easy to install and use
    Safe around pets and kids
    Innovative smart controls
    Silent and space-saving
    Filters: H12 HEPA + 3.5kg Active carbon filter
    Monitor sensors:
    Carbon dioxide
    PM2.5 particles
    HCHO (Formaldehyde)
    Relative humidity
    Power consumption: 1-45W
    Size: 300 mm Ø, Height 800 mm
    Purification capacity:
    Particle CADR 450 m³/h (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
    Recommended area: 54m2
    PM2.5 removal 99.99 % (30 min @ 30 m³)
    Filter change interval
    HEPA 10-15 months depending on use
    Carbon filter 20-30 months depending on use
    Warranty: 1 year